The Promethean Fluid Control Island®

A Revolutionary Tool in Surgical Fluid Loss Irrigation, Containment, and Measurement
Prevent Patient Fluid Overload

The Promethean Fluid Control Island® family of products are all designed to enhance safety margins for patient outcome, and for operating room staff.

We offer a versatile range of products that work by proactively collecting fluids normally lost to the floor. These fluids are quickly evacuated to any industry standard collection devices (Neptune®, canisters, etc.). There they are contained and can accurately be measured, greatly reducing the unknown in the fluid balance equation.

This process insures a cleaner, drier, and safer operating room. The accuracy and efficiency of this process frees staff of the time and worry inherent in the problem of spilled fluids.

Island Models

The Island® in Action

Click the "Play" button on the image to the left to see why the family of Island® products are the ONLY fluid collection devices to fit your surgery center’s needs.

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Model 4200/4400 Model 6200 Model 8200